Samoa Shipping Maritime Academy

Where our seafarers are bred

SSMA is an additional Maritime Academy established by the government through Samoa Shipping Corporation Limited and the breeding place for the Corporation's new recruits to safely man its vessels in 2013. 

Since 10th July 2020, the Academy has now merged with the National University of Samoa under its School of Maritime Training (SOMT) as part of the Government of Samoa's strategy towards streamlining of Maritime Training in the country to strengthening the performance and providing for the efficient delivery of quality services. 

The Academy once based at its compound at Vaitele - tai providing professional maritime on-board training the focus of SSMA as it provides its training mainly on board SSC vessels and uses competency-based tools as a method of assessment is part of the Maritime Campus that was built by China Aid in 2015 at Mulinuu. 

Its offered curriculum will now be joined together with that of the SOMT to allow students to receive International Maritime Organisation (IMO) compliance and Samoa Qualification Authority (SQA) accreditation.